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Access Attaché version 20 and the aligned Attaché Online deployments are packed with new and improved features based on what you've told us you want to see that will genuinely save you time and give you freedom to do more.
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Great new features and enhancements



  • Automated posting to the general ledger
  • Filtering customer payments in Bank Reconciliation
  • Improved dashboard reporting
  • And more!


  • Email notifications in Backup Scheduler
  • Quick and easy shortcuts


  • Enhancements to deductions linked to bank accounts
  • Multiple approvers for Express Leave requests
  • Recording start and stop times in Express Timesheets
  • New-look Express Leave calendar
  • Employee Onboarding efficiencies
  • And more!

Access Attaché 20 desktop release

Automated posting to the general ledger

With automated general ledger posting, transactions are posted to the appropriate general ledger account whenever you save (accept) a transaction. This means your general ledger stays up to date in real time, and it eliminates the need to manually post batches to the general ledger.

Once your transactions are posted automatically, as you enter each transaction, your General Ledger Accounts and Find Postings dashboards are also updated giving you instant real-time visual reporting of your general ledger transactions.

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Automated posting to the general ledger

Filtering customer payments in Bank Reconciliation

In Bank Reconciliation, you can now filter customer payments by Customer Payment TypeCard TypeMerchant ID and Date Range. This reduces the number of transactions display so it is easier to reconcile customer payments. This allows you to reconcile customer payments during your bank reconciliation process more seamlessly by payment date, type and/or card type.

Quick and easy shortcuts

Shortcuts on the desktop Home screen are now easier to manage. To create a shortcut, simply click the star next to the menu item. That item will be automatically listed under your Shortcuts. To remove a shortcut, click the star. Using shortcuts gives you one-click access to tasks instead of having to navigate the menu.

Email notifications in Backup Scheduler


Backup Scheduler allows you to set up automatic backups of your Attaché datasets (companies) daily, weekly or monthly, and at a specified time of day; you don’t have to be logged in.

With Backup Scheduler you specify where the backup is stored, which can be on a server or computer different than your Attaché server. This provides an additional layer of protection against cyber attacks like Cryptovirus.

In Access Attaché 20, Backup Scheduler has been enhanced to include email notifications to advise you of the success (or failure) of a scheduled backup.

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Enhancements to deductions linked to bank accounts

In Access Attaché Payroll, the ability to link a bank account to a deduction was first introduced in Attaché 18.1. When you create a bank file, the payment for the deduction is added and the general ledger postings are updated automatically. Previously, to process a deduction you needed to manually transfer the funds to the bank.

This feature has been enhanced in version 20:

  • For Australia, the Pay Reference in Other Accounts Maintenance has been extended to cater for Child Support payments
  • For New Zealand and Pacific Island, bank files are now available.

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Recent features you may have missed

Accounts Dashboard for real-time visual reporting

Accounts Dashboard for real-time visual reporting

The Accounts Dashboard provides a number of gadgets that give you easy to read, visual reporting of your business as well as allowing you to navigate quickly to enquire accounts, masterfiles and transactions through links and drill downs. The dashboard includes GL Accounts and Postings gadgets, Top Customers, Sales by Product and Sales by rep, with more on the way.

And now, there is a gadget for automated posting to the general ledger.

Load the Accounts dashboard via the Dashboard menu on the Modern desktop.

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Product Feedback

At Access, we’re committed to improving the products and services we provide by listening to you. Most of the new features and enhancements in this release are directly based on your feedback, and we are keen to hear more.

The Product Feedback form, located at the bottom of the main menu on of the Attaché desktop, provides an easy way for you to tell us what you think, what we can improve and how our products can work better for you

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Power Search for General Ledger and Customers

Power Search is a super-fast search engine that lets you instantly locate transactions. Those that match your search criteria are listed and you can then drill down to open the required transaction screen.

  • General Ledger Power Search lets you search general ledger transactions on any combination of nine search criteria, including CodeDate and Transaction Number. Use the Power Search to track down unreconciled amounts, current postings, individual transactions and anything else you wish to find quickly.
  • Customer Power Search lets you search customer invoices using search criteria such as Code or NameSales Rep, date ranges and so on. By using multiple criteria you can quickly locate the required transaction; the more specific your query the fewer results you will get.

Express Leave and Employee Onboarding deployment

Get on board with Express Leave

Get on board with Express Leave

Aligned with Access Attaché version 20 comes some great improvements to Express Leave – delivered straight to you. No upgrade required!

Combined with recent improvements, Express Leave is now a complete leave management system. If you’re not using it yet, now is the time to get started. Fully integrated with the desktop, you’ll eliminate a great deal of paperwork and improve staff engagement.

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New and improved leave calendar

The new-look calendar in Express Leave provides a better visual design as well as a better view of staff on leave. You can choose to show all employees, employees for whom you approve leave or create a custom list for employees in a particular team or group.

We know the old calendar was a little clunky and we’re sure you – and your staff – are going to love these improvements. Take a look! It’s in Express Leave right now.

Time tracking in Express Timesheets

In Express Timesheets employees can now record their start and stop times as well as any unpaid breaks. If required, the employee can submit their times for manager approval.

Payroll managers can then report and review the start/stop times to ensure compliance with the Fair Work annualised salary legislation (effective March 2020).

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Multiple approvers for leave requests

In Express Leave you can now set up more than one approver for an employee’s leave requests. 

  • Additional approver: An employee can now have a Default Approver as well as an Additional Approver as an alternative. So when the Default Approver is on leave, the request will be sent to the Additional Approver.
  • Sequential (second) approver: If your organisations has a two-level leave approval process, you can now set up sequential levels of approval. An employee can have a First Approver and a Second Approver. Both need to approve the leave request. Email notifications are sent to each approver in accordance with the sequence, and final (or rejection at either stage) approval to the employee.

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Employee Onboarding gets a boost

For faster, more efficient employee onboarding in the employee portal has some great new features.

  • Additional actions and filters on the main Onboarding screen lets you mark an onboarding form as Not required. The screen also includes some additional filters so you can choose to display only employees with the status you are looking for – In progressPending, and Not required.
  • During onboarding, Australian employees now select their fund from an ATO-defined list of APRA funds. Previously employees typed in their fund, which was prone to error.

How to upgrade … or eliminate upgrades altogether

How to upgrade from the Access Attaché Members website

How to upgrade

If you’re using Attaché 19, Attaché 18 or Attaché BI version 3.5 or later, you can upgrade from the Access Attaché Members website where you’ll also find links to instructions in the Help Centre. Before upgrading, we recommend talking to your consultant.

If you aren’t sure or don’t want to do your own upgrade, or you’re using an old version of Attaché, request a call-back and a consultant will be in touch to discuss your upgrade options.

(To check your version choose Help | About.)

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How to eliminate upgrading

We know upgrading can be difficult. Not because it’s hard to install a new version, but because the hardware and operating systems required to run your system, and the security required to keep you safe, are complex and require highly specialised skills and expensive infrastructure.

It’s not only technology that brings complexity. COVID-19 and increased working from home has shown that having an on-premise solution can be inefficient and not as productive.

Our Access Cloud Hosting Service is secure, local and cost-effective. It could be the right time to consider cloud hosting where we look after the upgrades – and a whole lot more – for you.

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How to eliminate upgrading - take a look at Cloud Hosting

Where are the new Access products?

You’ve been asking us about pathways to Access products, and we can’t wait to bring them to you. We believe the Access solutions are leaders in their respective technologies, and we’re working hard to make sure they’re properly adapted to local requirements in Australia and New Zealand so that your first experience is exceptional.

If you aren’t sure or don’t want to do your own upgrade, or you’re using an old version of Attaché, talk to a consultant to discuss your upgrade options.