Payday Filing Software New Zealand

Access Attaché Payroll software includes compliant and seamless payday filing reporting to Inland Revenue New Zealand.





Compliant and seamless payday filing software with seamless IR gateway integration service

Compliant and seamless payday filing software

  • Inland Revenue (IR) New Zealand compliant
  • Lodging is a simple extension to your normal pay processing
  • Validation, by-employee reporting and fully integrated with the payroll software

What is payday filing?

Under payday filing, New Zealand employers are required to report employee payments to Inland Revenue (IR) with every pay run. Employers with total annual PAYE and ESCT (employer superannuation contribution tax) of $50,000 or more must file electronically, within 2 working days of each payday. Employers below this threshold can choose to file electronically or by paper. To find out more about payday filing, visit the Inland Revenue website. Payrday filing came into effect on 1 April 2019.

With payday filing, do I still need to file EMS and IR345 (Employer Deductions)?

With payday filing you no longer submit the Employee Monthly Statement or IR345 (Employer Deductions0 because your payroll data is now reported with each payday filing submission.

How does payday filing work with Access Attaché Payroll software?

Payday filing lodgements are simply an extension of your normal pay run. Instead of accumulating payroll data for monthly reporting, that same data is instead sent incrementally to Inland Revenue (IR) after each pay run.

Access Attaché Payroll’s payday filing solution connects seamlessly to IR. When you process a pay run, the payday filing returns are automatically created and validated to ensure they meet IR requirements. When you are ready to lodge, you simply submit the batch to IR from within Access Attaché Payroll.

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