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Create a great first impression by allowing new staff to complete your onboarding process online.
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No more chasing up missing paperwork or incomplete forms.

No more chasing up missing paperwork or incomplete forms

New staff provide their legal and administrative information online for direct import into Access Attaché Payroll.

Through a secure login, the employee works through the required forms – tax file number declaration, superannuation forms (Super Choice and KiwiSaver), Fair Work Information Statement, personal contact information and banking details – which are then used to populate a new employee masterfile in your Attaché Payroll system.

The payroll or HR manager will be notified by email when the forms are complete and have the opportunity to review the provided details.

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Refresh your onboarding processes

  • Start employee onboarding before the employee’s start date
  • No double-entry of data: the employee’s information flows through to your employee masterfiles
  • Use Payroll Employee Groups to prepopulate pay details and leave tables
  • All details completed before day one.

Relevant information feeds into the employee directory where new and existing staff can maintain their contact details, such as an address change.

Refresh your onboarding processes.

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