Employee Directory Software

A central online staff directory to manage and share employee information.
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Manage staff details more efficiently.

Manage staff details more efficiently

Give your employees greater autonomy, allowing them to quickly search for key details of other staff, including contact number, email address, job title, who they report to and a photo.

Empower your employees to maintain their personal information in the Employee Directory. Staff can manage their personal contact details, address and next of kin information.

Organisation chart to help identify who is who

The organisation chart provides a pictorial view of your organisation’s structure. Photos of staff help new employees quickly familiarise themselves with reporting lines and key staff they are likely to regularly work with.

Organisation chart to help identify who is who.

Looking to maximise engagement and productivity among your staff? Discover why payroll has a significant impact on the levels of trust, engagement and culture within a workplace.

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Keep your employee details up-to-date.

Keep your employee details up-to-date

  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Access from any device – mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Send a bulk email invitation to multiple employees at once
  • Find employees or colleagues easily with the search tool
  • No double-entry of data: the employee’s information flows through to your Attaché Payroll employee masterfiles
  • Details gathered through Access Attaché Employee Onboarding feed directly into the employee directory

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