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No matter how complex your needs, our Payroll software delivers compliant and accurate payroll while minimising data entry and maximising employee engagement. Feel confident with a payroll system designed for businesses in Australia and New Zealand.



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Payroll software with tax office reporting including Single Touch Payroll

Compliant and accurate payroll software

  • Compliant payroll software for Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific
  • Payroll-by-exception that saves time and reduces errors
  • Customisable and scalable, unlimited companies and pay elements

A complete payroll system for today’s demanding workforce

Compliance made easy

Stay compliant with superannuation, tax and related legislation including Single Touch Payroll (STP), SuperStream and Fair Work Australia, and Payday Filing and Kiwi Saver in New Zealand.

Compliant with the new Annualised Wages for Modern Awards (Fair Work Australia) requirements.

Third-party integrations

Need to integrate with other software? No problem. Access Attaché Payroll integrates with most leading third-party workforce management software and add-ons including award interpretation, OH&S, rostering and biometrics.

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Professional consultants

Our network of accredited professional consultants throughout the region ensures hands-on assistance is available when you need it. Consultants get to know you and your business, can provide custom solution and integrations, training and other services to ensure you get the most out of your payroll system.

Flexibility with accuracy

Our Payroll software caters to the most complex and diverse organisations, from 1 to 1000 employees, and with unlimited companies (datasets) and locations, multiple pay frequencies, leave entitlements, and allowances and cost centre reporting.

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Looking to maximise engagement and productivity among your staff? Discover why payroll has a significant impact on the levels of trust, engagement and culture within a workplace.

The impact of payroll on employee engagement - Payroll Guide
With payroll processing by exception, you only enter lines that differ from the standard pay

Payroll by exception

Save time and ensure accuracy because you only enter one-off events. On pay day, only enter lines that differ from the standard pay, such as overtime or terminations

  • Employee groups – one change updates all
  • Automate overtime rates, allowances and deductions
  • Reports to highlight exceptions

Manage people, not paperwork


Our secure online Employee Self-Service (ESS) makes it easy to manage onboarding, engage employees, and fully integrates with employee records (master files) and pay processing.

Let your employee manage their own paperwork, with full audit tracking so you are always in control.

Access ESS from any device, with data flowing through to the payroll software

Super-charge your Payroll system with integrated Accounting

Looking for a fully-integrated payroll and accounting software solution? Access provides a complete system tailored to you. With the choice of cloud hosted or server deployment, Access Attaché Payroll and Accounting software combined has the features, flexibility and performance to support your business growth.

Advantaged Care

“Reducing the documentation burden with everything we do means staff and managers spend more time doing what they’re meant to.”

Michael Kresner – Advantaged Care

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