Tridon Australia

Manufacturer and distributor of automotive hardware boosts payroll management with an Attaché Payroll and TimeTarget solution.
  • Integrated payroll and rostering system delivers best-of-both-worlds solution
  • Accurate time and attendance capture
  • Manages two payrolls effortlessly
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Seamless payroll and rostering solution cures complexity headaches

Tridon Australia, a supplier of industrial and automotive hardware, has cut its payroll processing time considerably with an integrated system driven by Attaché Payroll combined with TimeTarget’s Time & Attendance and Rostering & Scheduling solutions.

Since starting its operations back in 1976, the family-owned manufacturer, distributor and exporter has grown steadily and now sells a wide range of automotive, industrial and hardware products worldwide.

Today the business has over one hundred staff members across various functions including manufacturing, warehouse, administration, management and executive roles.

According to Finance and Administration Director Marcus Rome, the reliability of Attaché Payroll is a clear benefit of the system.

“Once the required information has been uploaded into Attaché it automatically applies all the details like the hourly rate of pay, tax, super and bank file details.”

Tridon’s payroll information is contained in an Attaché report which is easily fed into the company’s ERP system as a journal entry.

“We’ve had several ERP systems over this time, none of which did payroll. That’s why we looked for a powerful payroll that would integrate with our other systems,” Marcus said.

Strong reporting capability

The reporting capability of Attaché Payroll allows Tridon to stay across all key indicators regarding their workforce.

“This means we can track how we are performing against our KPIs. We can run a report on lost hours which helps us track against our Lost Time Injury Rate targets. We also use that information for budgeting, payroll tax and workers’ compensation,” Marcus said.

“And at the end of the month we simply pick a few different reporting styles within the system then import them to our ERP system to determine our total labour costs,” he said.

We don’t need any more reports beyond what is available in Attaché. All the reports that the system generates are suitable for our needs.”

Seamless integration with rostering

Attaché Payroll allows for seamless integration with the specialised Time & Attendance and Rostering & Scheduling applications from TimeTarget. The combined system allows Tridon to easily create rosters and track time worked via biometric finger scanning. The information is then correlated against each pay cycle, reviewed and then uploaded into Attaché.

“The combination of a strong payroll engine with the ability to get accurate and detailed information on attendance gives us the best of both worlds,” Marcus said.

“We don’t have to manually enter the hours worked. This means we are now saving at least half a day in processing time per pay run as we no longer need to calculate things and enter them manually.

“Attaché saves you time on the payroll processing side too. Anything that’s not the standard 38 hours we can quickly assess why that’s the case by querying the system to get an exception report. It’s very straightforward,” Marcus said.

“All in all, it’s a very sound setup that helps us run a relatively complex payroll without headaches.”

Powerful partnership

According to TimeTarget’s founder and Managing Director, Bruce Mackenzie, the core design of Attaché Payroll enables easy integration with TimeTarget.

“This means we can read and write data effectively with Attaché Payroll which allows Attaché Payroll to be a ‘single source of truth’ across the full workforce system. This way the Attaché-TimeTarget solution works hand in hand to enhance employee engagement. This in turn helps to ensure that the operations of Tridon are optimised while providing a system that Tridon can also use for compliance purposes,” he said.

About Tridon Australia

  • Australian-owned and operated company, incorporated in 1976
  • Distributes high-quality hardware parts for the automotive and industrial sectors
  • Manufactures products that are exported around the world including Japan, North America and the Middle East
Tridon Australia

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