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A fully integrated web store boosts sales, reduces delivery times and improves customer satisfaction for wholesaler Moderna Trading.
  • End-to-end integration of web store with accounting and payroll system for faster deliveries
  • Customers can now place orders between rep visits and after business hours – now a 24-hour business
  • Attaché specialist’s knowledge of the business helped tailor the web store to their needs
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New B2B online ordering web store puts the modern into Moderna

Innovation is the key to long-term growth we are told, but when you’ve enjoyed success since the 1980s, changing your business model in response to the shifting environment is no easy task. Wellington-based Moderna Trading faced that challenge head on and found new opportunities as a result.

Moderna Trading built decades of success on good old-fashioned customer service. Providing accessories for convenience, giftware and tobacconist stores and a wide variety of brackets and screws to New Zealand’s hardware retailers, Moderna’s sales model had stood the test of time. Regular visits by their sales reps secured orders which were then mailed back to head office.

However, the digital age has seen New Zealand’s postal service come under pressure and following reforms that reduced the frequency of deliveries, orders that previously arrived by overnight mail were suddenly taking two to three days.

“We used to pride ourselves on the fact that we got the orders out within 24 hours. However, instead of getting the orders from each rep out every day, we would now receive two days of orders every second day,” explains Alec Hildreth, Moderna’s Northern sales rep.

Warehouse staff were under pressure to cope with several days’ orders arriving at once. Customers who used to receive deliveries within 48 hours were often waiting three or four days. A new model for sales orders was needed.

End-to-end integration for faster deliveries

Moderna had already recognised the need to add online ordering to their website. Now fully implementing the system and educating customers became a primary focus while at the same time continuing their personal, business-as-usual approach.

“We talked to our Attaché consultant, KC Little from Tricolour Consulting, and she suggested that we try the Attaché Web Store. KC’s knowledge of our business and Attaché meant she could assist us in getting the web store tailored to our needs,” said Managing Director, David Wyllie.

Alec introduces clients to the web store by entering their orders using his iPad. “It takes a bit more time for me to enter the orders but it’s well worthwhile as it speeds everything up. If we can get stock to the client two or three days earlier, it means they’ve got two or three more days to sell it, which means they can re-order sooner. Getting stock to the customer so they can sell it sooner is a lot of what my job is about.”

“Customers have asked me, ‘The order I gave you last time arrived the next day. How did you do that?’ I tell them I did it on the website so the guys in the warehouse had it straight away. They packed it that afternoon and the courier got it to you the next day.”

In the Wellington head office, the changes brought by online ordering have been even more noticeable to office staff Adrienne Harmer and Kate Baggott.

“We are no less busy but our time has been swapped around. Instead of sitting here entering orders, they come through already created and with a delivery docket allocated from Attaché,” explains Adrienne. “Instead of entering orders, we spend more time managing the website, adding new products and images.”

Larger orders, more often

“People are now shopping rather than just placing orders. I believe orders are of a greater value as customers look around the site. It’s created an awareness of what we have beyond their particular niche. A lot of customers didn’t realise the variety of goods we have.”

“We are getting more customers placing orders between rep visits which we wouldn’t have received before. They love it. They really do like it. It’s like going down a supermarket aisle instead of just ringing up – you see so much more,” said Adrienne.

“There are also no problems with reading handwritten orders or incorrect codes. We can show the warehouse staff the product image if they are unsure about an item,” adds Kate. “We are now a 24-hour business. You can’t ring us at night but you can place an order from home after hours.”

“We have a large number of products. It’s been a huge effort and commitment to set up the website but well worth it,” confirms Adrienne.

About Moderna Trading

  • Privately owned importing and wholesaling business established in 1980
  • Products range from hardware, gifts, smoking accessories to toys
  • Moderna use Attaché to manage their fully integrated web store, accounting and payroll solution
Moderna Trading

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