Paperless Office Document Management Software

Save time and costs through the automated storage, tracking, and sharing of accounting and payroll documents sent from your Attaché system.
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Secure access to payroll documents

Create password-secured payroll documents and deliver to all employees within the required 24-hour period of being paid. Reduce queries from current and past employees by ensuring their pay documents are always available e.g. for tax or loan applications. Documents are automatically stored for up to 42 months in the employee’s secure personal inbox to view, print or download anytime using their mobile, tablet or desktop.

Documents per day

Mail recipients

All within a secure, virus-free, tamper-proof environment.

Improve cash flow with invoice reminders

Take care of your overdue invoices with automatic invoice reminders that can reduce overdue payments by up to 50%. Speed up collections, avoid confrontation, protect customer relationships and spend less time on the phone chasing payment. It’s one of the easiest ways to improve cash flow and ensure you are paid first.

Save with online business documents

Create a document management ecosystem with your trading partners by automatically storing and sharing your accounting documents online. Both sender and receiver can securely access their documents including customer quotes; orders and invoices; supplier purchase orders; and remittance advices. Track delivery success, receive exception reports and save time and money by not having to re-send lost documents.

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