Creating a positive employee experience in the new normal

Refocusing on four key areas across your organisation

HR teams have been at the forefront of adapting their organisations to the changing landscape, but how has your organisation’s employee experience been impacted? Download the guide to learn how to create a positive employee experience in the ‘new normal’.

In this guide you’ll learn about:

  • Flexible workplace culture – it’s at the heart of the employee experience and high performance. Explore how you can still achieve an exceptional culture while working remotely.
  • Health and wellbeing focus – with physical and mental health of primary concern in the working-from-home model, discover how you can set a strong foundation for health and wellbeing in your organisation.
  • Engaging training and development – a working-from-home environment is one where eLearning can flourish. Discover how to engage and enable your entire workforce in different ways while working from home.
  • Giving rewards and recognition – now more than ever, employees need to be visible amidst the ambiguity and lack of physical interaction. Discover a pathway to reward and recognition that regularly and publicly acknowledges employee contributions.

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