Getting back to growth

Without adding back office headcount

Needing to get your business back on track for growth? The most commonly considered solution pre-COVID was to increase headcount to manage additional workload. Even a strategic rethink around revenue and profits doesn’t make this a palatable option.

As businesses grapple with lost revenue and customers and resourcing for early signs of renewed demand, there is a delicate balance to be struck in getting back to a new normal.

Business as we know it has changed. This guide looks at considerations from a finance perspective on what will help move the needle in the right direction towards recovery.


Download the guide to discover:

  • Is recovery possible? – Questions to ponder around the business you’re still in.
  • The importance of efficiency – A renewed focus on people and process is needed to minimise waste around inefficiencies.
  • Recovering revenue – Identifying where the primary sources of revenue are likely to be in the new normal.
  • Know what’s happening in your business – The power of analytics to make better and faster risk judgments in the new normal will be key to generating momentum for strategies that work.

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