Integrated Accounting and Payroll Software

True flexibility and performance comes with a fully integrated accounting and payroll software business solution that is customised to meet your needs. With a choice of cloud or in-house deployment, increase efficiency and lower the cost of managing your payroll by choosing to combine both solutions.
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Accounting and payroll software features

Access Attaché solutions give you control to future-proof your financial management

Future-proof financial management

Whether you need advanced purchasing, increased pricing options, customised data-entry screens or greater flexibility over your accounting, Access Accounting and Payroll Software gives you control. Run multiple companies, locations and departments. Isolate key areas and consolidate results by customising your general ledger chart for detailed reporting and analysis.

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Access Attaché accounting and payroll software helps you take control of inventory and manufacturing

Inventory and manufacturing

Take control of stock levels, pricing, purchasing, manufacturing and fulfilment. Process high transactional volumes and track large numbers of SKUs with ease. Manage manufacturing processes with a detailed bill of materials. Maintain multiple warehouses and efficiently pick items for faster delivery.

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Replace your spreadsheets with an accurate, purpose-built fixed asset management system

Accurate fixed asset management

Replace your spreadsheets with an accurate, purpose-built fixed asset management system. Integrate your fixed assets and accounting with easy calculation of depreciation and disposal values. Keep a full audit trail of every transaction for detailed accounting and insurance record.

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Analyse accounting and payroll data on demand with customisable and personalised reporting options

Customisable reporting and dashboards

Analyse payroll and accounting software data on demand with customisable and personalised reporting options. See tasks, receive alerts and spot trends with over 150 standard dashboards to choose from and the ability to create your own.

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Fully integrate your payroll and accounting software operations

Fully integrated accounting and payroll software

Increase efficiency, lower the cost of managing your payroll and make better use of your employee data with a full-featured, fully-integrated payroll system. Split labour costs across your cost centres for a complete view of business financials. Scale operations with unlimited employees across multiple countries, locations and companies, all within the one licence.

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Access Attaché Accounting Software has a built-in CRM capability

Built-in customer relationship management

Create a superior buying experience with all your customer and prospect details available at a glance. Instantly access recent sales and payment activity, review frequent purchases, outstanding quotes, contact details and note history. Track prospects and discover new opportunities to grow sales.

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Make use of online document delivery and storage with your payroll software

Online document management

Save time and money through the automated delivery and secure online storage of your business documents. Available to your employees, customers and suppliers to access anytime for up to 42 months. Track delivery success and avoid the need to resend documents.

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Choose the deployment approach for your payroll and accounting software, either in-house server or cloud hosting

Choice of cloud or in-house server

Choose the deployment approach that best suits your business, either on an in-house server or let us host it for you. Our integrated accounting and payroll software has the power to grow with you, from a few users to dozens with simultaneous access, in either environment.

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